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what is the minimum size for conductors?

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:19 pm
Rule 4-002 Size of conductors

For current-carrying wire and cable conductors used in lighting and power circuits, Rule 4-002 stipulates a
minimum size of No. 14 AWG for copper and No. 12 AWG for aluminum. The minimum size ensures that the
conductors can handle the electrical stresses of current flow under normal and fault conditions (e.g.,
short-circuit and excessive current), as well as the physical stresses of installation in raceways, flexing, and

Flexible cord, equipment wire, and control circuit wire and cable are also used to carry current, but they are
not used under the same conditions of mechanical and electrical stress; therefore, the Code specifies no
minimum size. Flexible cord is exempt from the minimum size requirement because it has been flex-tested and
certified for this type of service.
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